Château La Roche Bazin 2014

Roche bazin
Roche bazin

Château La Roche Bazin wines are from selected plots on the Terre-Blanque estate.

On the Château La Roche Bazin plots, there is a predomination of limestone: it is "gruppe" soil, a local term that refers to a particular type of soil which is comprised of limestone rocks covered with a mix of clay and chalky gravel. This mix in the soil's composition regulates the water supply to the vines, without giving too much or too little, enabling the grapes to reach a balanced ripeness. The parcels are adjacent to multiple sources, contributing to the composition of a great terroir.

Limestone is a significant characteristic of the wines: they have abundant minerality. They are taut and bold with crisp tannins. Choice of harvesting date is carefully determined so traces of this very sharp mineral weaves throughthe flesh of each grape at its optimal maturity.

The 2014 Vintage

The third vintage, the 2012 cuvée, is a successful blend of Merlot (80%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (20%) and has been vinified using traditional methods: the wine is fruity and crisp, coloured a beautiful, very vibrant and intense red.

It has a very aromatic nose with notes of red fruit, the wine is fresh and supple with fine, silky tannins on the palate, a good mouth length with a round and fruity finish.

Médaille d'or au Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2016  
Médaille d'or au concours des Vinalies Internationnales 2016
Prix Plaisir Bettane et Dessauve 2016
Médaille d'or au Concours des Vins de Bordeaux